George Rhoads

Odyssey of the Spheres

3' high by 5' long by 10" deep

George Rhoads designed a limited edition ball machine sculpture to fit smaller spaces in homes and offices. This sculpture,"Odyssey of the Spheres," can be wall mounted or free-standing. It features two Xylophone bars, two Chimes, a Bell, a Wood Block Series, Kinky Tube, Loop-the-loop, and Bounce and Catch. All devices and tracks are mounted on clear plexiglass. The piece is motorized and plugs into your outlet. The edition is limited to one hundred pieces, numbered, signed and dated by the artist. Each piece is fabricated with the same care and high standard of quality that Creative Machines Inc. gives to all George Rhoads ball machine sculptures and is tested in the shop for 500 hours before release. 

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